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Our extensive industry expertise and experience has helped us create a broad portfolio of highly flexible product and service offerings for wireless network design/deployment, management and technical support.

Single Digits' key markets include:


Hotels: We've been deployed by hotels and resorts globally to provide quality high-speed Internet access (HSIA) and wireless Internet options for guests. Unlike many other companies offering similar services, we provide solutions designed from the ground up to meet the needs of property managers and owners.

Conference Centers: Providing Internet access in conference rooms, banquet halls and meeting spaces is a priority for your property. We provide HSIA solutions to meet the needs of your guests at the conference or convention center.

Property Management

Owners and managers of residential and commercial properties face fierce competition in their efforts to attract and retain tenants. In addition to location, the cost of renting or buying a property often plays a major role in the tenant's decision.

Health Care

Hospitals and other health care facilities are closely tied to the communities they serve, with many outreach programs such as patient education, charitable activities, financial assistance plans and more. We offer an array of flexible HSIA solutions designed to meet the needs of patients, staff and visitors.


Municipal: The ability to attract consumers away from strip malls and department stores and into downtown areas provides many economic benefits for municipalities. Town planners, chambers of commerce and economic development groups alike are beginning to see the value in offering wireless HSIA access as a way of doing it.

Education: The need for HSIA has become a necessity in providing students with the most progressive education possible. By installing HSIA into K-12 school systems, students are provided with the ability to quickly and efficiently enhance their learning.

Travel (Marina/Train Station/Airport)

Frequent travel has become a way of life for businesspeople and families alike. Offering a public wireless Internet service not only keeps business road warriors productive, but also reduces stress for recreational travelers. We've deployed public Internet access points at airports, train stations, bus and RV terminals and marinas around the world.

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Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners.  We help our clients connect consumer devices to their private networks, and position them to take advantage of evolving business models, new and emerging revenue opportunities, and reduce their IT spend.

With 2000+ clients including 7 of the top 20 largest hotels, 300,000+ hotel guest rooms, and 60 Million+ authentications annually, we can work with any size property and increase their network capacity by  a factor of 20x
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