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Simplifying patient and family access while maintaining network integrity.

The health care industry is highly concerned with the comfort of patients as well as their families – far beyond their medical treatments. Single Digits recognizes this importance as well as the influence that a superior guest Internet strategy has on the image of your health care center. We'll work with you to create the best patient and family Internet services to fit your needs. The unique features of Single Digits include:

  • 24x7 Live Guest Phone Support by our technicians will allow your staff to concentrate on serving your guests, leading to increased Guest Satisfaction Scores and RevPAR.
  • Real-Time Network Monitoring allows our support team to minimize service disruptions, enhancing your guests' experience.
  • Network Optimization enables Single Digits to extend the life of existing infrastructure equipment by intelligently managing bandwidth and security, allowing for easy takeover.
  • Broadband Authentication Platform (BAP) enables multi-property management of your complete system, including network health, trouble tickets, revenue reports and activity reports.
  • Multi-Service Networks securely provide voice, video, data and other applications to a single infrastructure so all your resources are centrally located for ease of use.
  • Brand Standard Equipment produced by industry-leading manufacturers and approved by the major brands help align technology with the goals of the project will extend the life of your capital investment.

Single Digits High Speed Internet Access solutions create a complete combination of resources including all aspects of engineering, deployment, and ongoing user support. This unique infrastructure allows for the alignment of your Internet with your goals for your business.

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Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners.  We help our clients connect consumer devices to their private networks, and position them to take advantage of evolving business models, new and emerging revenue opportunities, and reduce their IT spend.

With 2000+ clients including 7 of the top 20 largest hotels, 300,000+ hotel guest rooms, and 60 Million+ authentications annually, we can work with any size property and increase their network capacity by  a factor of 20x
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