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At Single Digits, we understand the hospitality industry. Cloud-based services are the way of the future. Technology is evolving, and for many reasons legacy on-site PBX systems are rapidly receding into history.


1 Cloud Voice is a hospitality-focused, cloud-based IP voice solution that combines our technological expertise and track record with an industry-leading, carrier-class Broadsoft system. 


As a trusted local network operator, Single Digits is ready to seamlessly upgrade you to our hosted voice system. Leverage our years of network expertise and presence to achieve an updated system that will streamline your business. We provide a full network voice and converged turnkey solution which will reduce headaches and logistical issues for the properties staff as they communicate with a singular vendor.


As a property owner, you can enable your staff to connect between multiple properties, combining the staff as one system. Our data center infrastructure provides coverage from east coast to west coast with full redundancy, high availability and capacity.



 Guests and Staff:


Predictable and consistent service is the key to guest satisfaction

  • Improve staff mobility and productivity.
  • Satisfy brand requirements for properties ranging from economy to five star full-service.
  • Provide user-friendly features for guests and attendees.



Reliable and Secure:


Our priority is seamless connectivity

  • Full network element and geographic redundancy.
  • Cloud-based voice redundancy via included 4G LTE services.
  • Service Level Agreement-backed reliability.

Power and Capacity:


1 Cloud Voice can support a single property or hundreds of locations around the globe

  • Proven platform now powering communications for organizations of all sizes.
  • Easy integration with back office systems.
  • Deploys with standard off-the-shelf hardware and familiar OS platforms.



Management Flexibility:


A user-friendly system for voice network management

  • Centralized tools manage software patches, system configs, and troubleshooting.
  • Easy access to the key performance indicators that matter most to you.
  • Programmable interfaces allowing you to create custom applications that meet your needs.


  • Voicemails
  • Wake-up Calls
  • Call Accounting
  • Full Service Toolset
  • Instant Cloud Updates
  • Interactive Voice Recordings
  • PMS Integration / Folio Billing


  • Less Hardware On-Site
  • Industry proven monitoring & support resources
  • 14 year premium NOC now available for hosted voice
  • On-demand remote changes. No need to dispatch a technician
  • Multilingual System
  • Scalability to add or remove lines and features as needed

Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners.  We help our clients connect consumer devices to their private networks, and position them to take advantage of evolving business models, new and emerging revenue opportunities, and reduce their IT spend.

With 2000+ clients including 7 of the top 20 largest hotels, 300,000+ hotel guest rooms, and 60 Million+ authentications annually, we can work with any size property and increase their network capacity by  a factor of 20x
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