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We get it. Your conference guests need world-class internet access, but the technical tightrope walk can be intimidating. As your IT partner we support you throughout the process - from pre-sales through delivery - to ensure a positive experience for your guests while generating the most revenue for your meeting space.

In addition to the monthly services we offer for a flat monthly fee, we also offer:

  • High Capacity Rental Gear
  • On Site Technical Support
  • Custom Branded Portal Pages

One monthly flat fee covers our suite of Conference Support Services:

Guaranteed Bandwidth and Service Assurance

Each customer group has bandwidth assigned exclusively to their secure virtual network. The post-event report visually details bandwidth use for your customer, justifying the purchase.

Dedicated 24/7/365 Conference Support

Our US-Based support technicians can handle any problem. You will have an dedicated team standing by to support you for the duration of your conference.

Network Engineering and Configuration

Your event engineer will tailor and test the user experience prior to the event.

Pre-Event Consultation

We assess your customer’s internet requirements to ensure success each and every time.

We consistently provide world class conference support to the biggest brands. Contact us today for a high performance experience.

Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners.  We help our clients connect consumer devices to their private networks, and position them to take advantage of evolving business models, new and emerging revenue opportunities, and reduce their IT spend.

With 2000+ clients including 7 of the top 20 largest hotels, 300,000+ hotel guest rooms, and 60 Million+ authentications annually, we can work with any size property and increase their network capacity by  a factor of 20x
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