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Client Login

When visiting a location that is enabled with the Single Digits network, there are a few things that must be setup properly to allow you to connect:
  • Make sure your 802.11 wireless network adapter is installed and working properly. Check you hardware manufacturer documentation if you are not sure how to check the status of your adapter.
  • Set the SSID (also referred to as a "wireless network name") of your wireless adapter to "singledigits" (without the quotation marks). This setting can usually be found in the properties of the 802.11 network adapter itself or within a client utility tool that some wireless hardware vendors provide.
  • Make sure WEP encryption is turned off (this is usually the default setting).
  • Make sure the 802.11 wireless adapter is running in "infrastructure" mode as opposed to "Ad Hoc" ("Infrastructure" is usually the default setting).
  • Set the IP properties of the 802.11 wireless adapter to use DHCP to receive its IP address and DNS information (DHCP is typically the default setting).
  • Open your web browser and login securely to the Single Digits network using your registered One Plan username and password (accept the Single Digits digital certificate should your browser prompt you with a security trust warning). Once authenticated, you will see a web page that will keep track of your statistics for the session and provide you with a mechanism to log out when finished. In the meantime, you are free to browse the web, check email and/or connect back to your corporate network.

Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners.  We help our clients connect consumer devices to their private networks, and position them to take advantage of evolving business models, new and emerging revenue opportunities, and reduce their IT spend.

With 2000+ clients including 7 of the top 20 largest hotels, 300,000+ hotel guest rooms, and 60 Million+ authentications annually, we can work with any size property and increase their network capacity by  a factor of 20x
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