Our Unique Process

The foundation of a successful network is its ability to drive consumer experience. To deliver that throughout your property we focus on those needs that are supported by connections and technology.

We will design and install a network to support your immediate experience needs and can adapt it as your requirements change. We also take care of all staff and technical support, so you don’t need to worry about managing the network and responding to calls 24/7/365.

    • We focus on needs first
    • We identify necessary technical support & services
    • We build a Wi-Fi network that matters

Let’s talk Wi-Fi

Our Four Steps to Property-Wide Wi-Fi

Single Digits is a full-service partner from design to providing ongoing customer support for secure and reliable Wi-Fi property-wide with no signal drop-off. We custom-design each property-wide network using our four-stage implementation process. Here’s how we do it:

Site Survey
Single Digits for Senior Living completed a site survey of the Croasdaile Village campus that inspected every building, structure, facility, and room, as well as foliage, trees, glass, concrete, steel, poles, wires—even open areas. This application had a 6.5-acre lake to consider, as reflected light interferes with Internet signals. Single Digits for Senior Living also accounted for other wireless networks in the area.


Network Design
After the site survey, a four-to-six-week network- and software-design process virtually routed each cable, placed every rack, server, access point, router, and wireless antenna on the premises, both indoors and outdoors, throughout the 110-acre campus. The design process includes a simulated installation. At this stage, Single Digits for Senior Living expected that the system would function as designed.


Network Installation
Single Digits for Senior Living’s technicians accomplished the network installation—without subcontractors. They ran all Cat6 cable and installed all racks, servers, access points, firewalls, wireless point-to-points, and wireless antennae. Single Digits for Senior Living engineered the Croasdaile Village network to the exact required specifications during installation. They design their systems so that every device can detect at least three access points and connect to the one that provides the strongest signal.


Network Launch
The network launch was a community-wide event. A Single Digits for Senior Living client-relations team devoted three weeks with Croasdaile Village residents and staff during group and one-on-one sessions and connected every device in the facility to the new property-wide system. Single Digits for Senior Living created an individual profile for every resident and staff member with a unique user name and password to firewall every device and manage its specific download and upload speed.

Let’s talk Wi-Fi

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