We're sharing Wi-Fi insights & useful resources to help properties deliver The Connected Life Experience their residents and guests.


We're sharing Wi-Fi insights & useful resources to help properties deliver The Connected Life Experience their residents and guests.

The Convergence of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is Perfect Timing

To truly understand why we believe that a partnership will form with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 rather than an either-or, let’s look at how the level of connectivity expectations has developed and changed over the last 40 years. The evolution of mobile and Wi-Fi standards from the first-generation networks to where we are today provide great insight as we prepare for a global 5G and Wi-Fi 6 rollout.

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It's Time to Rally Behind Passpoint

Apple’s new iOS 14 has a subtle new configuration setting that has big implications for anyone managing a Wi-Fi network. This move is indicative of a trend that spans the mobile device market and could abruptly change the way a guest or tenant experience is delivered. Learn more in our blog!

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Single Digits Acquires the Wireless Division of BSG

February 4, 2020

Today Single Digits announces the acquisition of BSG Wireless and takes a major step forward in establishing a global leadership position in the paradigm shift in wireless connectivity that includes the convergence of 5G cellular, Wi-Fi 6, and NGH (Next Generation Hotspot), creating connectivity experiences previously not possible

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Expert Insights for MDU Properties

Hotel Scene

Your Tenants’ Needs Are Changing. Can Your Wi-Fi Keep Up?

Whether you run an apartment community, student housing or senior living community, tenants of all ages expect fast, connected experiences that make their lives...

The Value of Owning Your MDU Wi-Fi Network

Multi-family (also called multi-dwelling unit, or MDU) property owners everywhere are continuing to look for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase occupancy...

How to Better Manage Your Residents’ Wi-Fi Experience

WiFi is no longer just a “nice-to-have” feature — it’s a must-have amenity. In a survey reported on by Variety, 34% of renters listed...


We've collected everything you need to know about people over 55 and what they are up to! Did you know there are ~42 million people over 55 in the USA and over 8.3 million are renting! Learn even more about seniors in our new infographic.

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Do you truly understand the Millennial renter? Did you know that 59% of those surveyed, ranked Internet access as the most important apartment feature? Learn so much more about this tech-savvy group in our latest infographic.

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eBook: How to Create Your Next Resident Wi-Fi Experience

Smart technology is redefining “home” as we know it. It’s no longer just where the heart is; it’s a connected space that can be tailored to a person’s unique lifestyle, needs and preferences. Download our helpful (and brief) eBook 5 Ways to Create an Experience Your Tenants Love and step into the era of connected living.


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Expert Insights for Hospitality

5 Things Hotels Get Wrong About the Guest Experience

Thanks to technology, your guests expect seamless and personalized connectivity experiences as soon as they set foot in your hotel. Have you successfully responded...

Hospitality Networks & The Dangers Of “Playing It Safe”

I recently had the privilege of collaborating on a report titled “Your Connectivity Compass: Building Wireless Networks of the Future”.  The report was produced...

Cabling Upgrade at Your Hotel

Need a Cabling Upgrade for Your Hotel Property? One Size Does Not Fit All.

So, your Hotel property needs to upgrade the wireless services? More often than not, your property will also require some upgrades to the low...

eBook: Deliver More Than Just Great Guest Wi-Fi



71% of hotel guests complain about spotty WiFi coverage, and insufficient bandwidth is a problem for 43% of guests. Hotel guest needs and expectations are changing, and we’ve outlined just how so in our latest eBook. It also includes a checklist to evaluate if your hotel WiFi network is prepared for the future.


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