PlatformONETM Training

PlatformONETM offers property and venue owners a wide range of opportunities to leverage the latest advancements in wireless connectivity including 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint®, and next generation IoT.  PlatformONE delivers a single integrated network management plane for delivering fully managed solutions and optimizing their guests’, residents’ and customers’ Connected Life ExperienceTM.

We offer convenient weekly training courses so you can become fully knowledgeable about all the fantastic functionality within our software platform. Contact training@singledigits.com to book your class!


Attendees for this session should include employees from the Front Desk, Engineering, Management, AV & Events team. The session will cover:

    • Gaining Access
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Network Health & Monitoring
    • Installation Documentation
    • User Experiences (CAP pages & VLANs)
    • End User Management
    • MAC Authentication
    • Ticket Overview & Creation
    • User Logs – Troubleshooting
    • Reporting
    • Access Code Creation


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Attendees for this session should include Property Managers with an MDU location. The session will cover:

  • Platform Overview
  • Gaining Access
  • Dashboard
  • Account Management
      • Account Files – Support Information
      • Resident Management
      • Authentication for Residents
  • Network Management
      • Network Health
      • Personal Area Networks (PAN)
      • Ticketing
      • Reporting
      • Support and Service


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How do I gain more information on the platform?

We offer convenient weekly training courses so you can become fully knowledgeable about all the fantastic functionality the platform has to offer. Feel free to reach out to training@singledigits.com with questions!

How can I receive platform credentials or reset my password?

Your platform credentials can be granted by anyone here at Single Digits! We recommend that each of your team members have access utilizing their own username and password. Simply reach out to our support team at (603) 413-0052 or any Single Digits team member and they would be happy to grant you access to the platform or reset your password.

Do you have a user guide for the platform?

Absolutely!! Conveniently located within the platform is a full help guide for each page. By clicking on the question mark in the top right corner you are provided with walkthrough guides, screen shots & legends. If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help!

What if my dashboard is blank?

In most cases this is due to the date range that is selected. Please ensure you have selected 24 hours or 7 days in the top right corner of the executive dashboard. In the detailed dashboard please ensure your range slider is slid to the left to include your desired date range. If you have tried both items and are still experiencing issues, contact our support team at (603) 413-0052.

Where can I find my circuit size?

Our robust reporting suite within the platform contains a multitude of information about your site. To locate your circuit size and utilization click on Reports>Circuit Utilization and select your desired time frame. This will then display not only your usage information as well as your circuit size.

What is a ticket?

Tickets are logged anytime your guest, resident or staff member contact our Guest Support Team or Network Operations Center (NOC). These teams then log a ticket and work to resolve any issue that is reported. In addition, our NOC team is actively monitoring your network and open tickets for equipment that may have gone offline. Finally, we also have a wonderful Conference Support team that will log custom event requests through ticketing. All of these can be conveniently viewed within the platform.

What is the Event Manager?

Our state-of-the-art Event Manager tool allows you to fully optimize your conferencing network. This tool offers advanced customizations such as personalized SSIDs, branded splash pages & a variety of specialized VLANs. This tool not only increases customer satisfaction, it is also a fantastic way to further increase incremental revenue in your conferencing space. If you are interested in this cutting-edge tool reach out to our sales team at info@singledigits.com  today!

How can I further customize my event offerings?

Our Conference Support Team is standing by to help with any custom conference set up you can imagine! This team can take care of anything from customized SSID’s and access portals to Static IP’s and onsite support. To initiate a request fill out the comprehensive request form at http://conference.singledigits.com/ and they will be in touch in no time to discuss the requirements. Once submitted, you can also follow the request within our platform ticketing system.

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