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Generate meaningful advertising revenue.

Finding ways to connect with your guest to drive revenue opportunities and guest experience are key components to extending the value of your Wi-Fi network.

With PlatformONE’s engagement functionality you can leverage the onboarding experience through your captive portal login page, and send targeted promotions to your guest at a variety of levels based on what you know about them and what they share with your property. Your Wi-Fi network’s Captive Authentication Portal (CAP) becomes a more robust extension of your marketing and advertising team where you can fully engage your customers using their unique preferences.

Key Features

Engagement Opportunities

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Unlock Customized User Experiences

Data integrity is of the upmost importance and rest assured all data collected is secure. This data is the key for the customized user experience. Utilizing this currently untapped resource will allow for engagement and revenue opportunities never realized before. Understanding physical environments through data is also an integral part of customer behavior. A powerful suite of reports awaits you where you will be able to view heat-maps for user concentration, flow maps to see how users move throughout your space as well as scatter-maps to dive deeper into customer behavior.

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Monetize Your Network

Your guests expect FREE Wi-Fi throughout their stay. Why not give them this amenity while creating new revenue opportunities! We’ve seen profits averaging $3.50 per available room. We use your existing network to deliver hyper-personalized advertising to guests and capture revenue for you! Because it’s already integrated into PlatformONE, the set up is easy! There are no start-up costs and no network upgrades needed. You’ll just need to provide a little time and effort to convey your messaging and make decisions—the rest is revenue sharing based on traffic.

  • Use new or existing infrastructure with no charge to layer onto your network.
  • Our dedicated media team works with national advertisers to procure the highest paying ads.
  • Leverage powerful authentication, journey, and behavior data on your users.

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