ONE Monitoring

PlatformONE offers a monitoring solution that combines a simple at-a-glance wireless performance assessment along with automated-audit and drill-down analysis tools to keep the network running at maximum performance.  At the top level, PlatformONE monitoring provides a simple score that indicates the strength and quality of the client’s wireless connections.  No longer do you have to sift through complex lists or reams of data to understand your network performance. Additionally, automated audit, trend analysis plots, and drill-down tools help identify trends and troubleshoot problems

The automated configuration audit tool complements the top-level analysis by ensuring that the network devices are correctly configured and loaded with the latest approved software and firmware. This tool also provides a notification when software licenses or support contracts are about to expire. When combined with other PlatformONE features such as multi-factor alarms that indicate when a device is performing below par, and a drill-down analysis capability that can assess the performance of an individual client, the network engineer can much more efficiently maintain the network operation at top performance.

PlatformONE also offers graphical displays that enable trend analysis to predict when and where additional wireless coverage or bandwidth is required. Plots showing bandwidth utilization and client device counts can be expanded or contracted to look at trends over large and short timeframes. This capability is invaluable for predicting future needs to allow the network administrator to plan for the future.

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