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Delivering managed Wi-Fi services today requires more than just a few access points and a router. It demands a highly extensible platform that will serve as the foundation for an array of different business applications. Although the new revenue stream can be enticing, the added – or, in some cases, unexpected – service and support time can quickly decrease a value added resellers’ (VARs’) margins and deplete resources. The question remains: How can VARs quickly take advantage of greenfield Wi-Fi installations or assume the responsibility of existing deployments? Simple answer: Single Digits.

Single Digits provides a unique white label, Wi-Fi platform to stimulate new business growth or enable VARs to quickly assume the service and support of any existing Wi-Fi installation. Through our backend OSS platform and nationwide Network Operations Center (NOC) services, Single Digits is able to offer VARs a complete solution to instantly assume the responsibility of existing Wi-Fi accounts or install completely new Wi-Fi networks. The benefits are bountiful:

  • New recurring revenue stream
  • Gain better account control
  • Easy integration
  • White labeled solution for marketing to customers
  • Generate advertising revenue
  • Close new deals quickly with full Wi-Fi deployment and support
Become a Value Added Reseller

When partnering with Single Digits, your company will gain a competitive edge. By capitalizing on our guest Internet solutions, your organization will be able to close deals faster, retain product margins, enter new markets, maximize revenue and create recurring revenue.

To begin the process of becoming a reseller, please fill out and submit the Channel Partner Application or contact Single Digits at for a direct consultation.

To learn more about becoming a value added reseller, please view here.

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