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The only advanced wireless connectivity software platform to enhance customer opportunity and experience.

It’s Time to Deliver The Connected Life ExperienceTM

Are you taking full advantage of your Wi-Fi network to create personalized connected experiences for your guests or residents?

Given the current state of the world and advances in technology, it isn’t surprising that people depend now more than ever on their connectivity to the tools and experiences that help them get their jobs done and enrich their lives.  In the past, traditional Wi-Fi introduced opportunities for property owners to enhance their offerings, increase loyalty, and increase revenue to their facilities.

Today’s guests and residents come with a long list of connectivity expectations. They have progressed rapidly beyond traditional Wi-Fi and require connectivity that extends beyond the room or unit while also including new capabilities that meet their fluctuating work demographic and leisure expectations.

Single Digits is transforming traditional into next by helping property owners prepare, utilize, and embrace the extended connected life experience.  Let us introduce you to PlatformONETM.

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Harness The Latest Technologies Today and Tomorrow

The world is changing and we all expect fast, secure, and easily accessible Wi-Fi wherever we are.  Connectivity comes in multiple flavors, from basic internet to advanced interactions with amenity-based smart technology (locks, lighting, casting, telephone, etc.) that enhance your resident’s or guest’s experience at your property.

Your Wi-Fi network has a direct impact on your ability to deliver these connections.  Whether it is roaming in and out or taking advantage of specific amenities and services at your property, Wi-Fi is the core component.

Regardless of where you currently are in your Wi-Fi journey, Single Digits is here to support your needs by providing an extendable foundation that allows you to build out experiences based on your needs, budget, and available technologies.

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September 8, 2020

PlatformONE™ enables our customers the opportunity to seamlessly and simply leverage network opportunities previously unavailable including network monetization via fully integrated roaming and carrier offload services, hyper targeted promotion and customer engagement, as well as an array of real-time big data and customer analytics capabilities. 

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