How to Better Manage Your Residents’ Wi-Fi Experience

WiFi is no longer just a “nice-to-have” feature — it’s a must-have amenity. In a survey reported on by Variety, 34% of renters listed WiFi access as the most important feature of apartment living, compared to only 13% who stated an in-unit washer and dryer was their top priority.

From grocery stores to restaurants, we expect to find a WiFi network nearby to keep us connected, so it’s no surprise that we want it in our own homes as well. But when it comes to multi-family/multi-dwelling units (MDUs) like student housing, apartments, and retirement communities, connectivity isn’t enough.

Managing the infrastructure that’s needed to handle bandwidth requirements, changing technology, and evolving consumer demands presents the following problems. Read on to get the details and learn how MDUs can overcome the challenges.

Current Connectivity Problems

Many MDUs are struggling with the delivery of high-speed internet access because of:

Hardware Requirements
Residents arrive today with cables, routers, and the need for technician appointments. Arguably, every resident’s least favorite part of moving is dealing with cable and internet setup logistics from local internet service providers (ISPs). Wouldn’t it be nice if WiFi was just on and ready to be connected to as soon as you stepped into your new home?

Restricted Coverage
Residents who use local ISPs often have coverage issues when they move about the property. Their network might be consistent while in their unit, but as soon as they leave to check their mail, go to a common area, or use the gym it’s a different story.

The Managed WiFi Opportunity

Designing, installing, maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading WiFi connectivity on an MDU property level can be too time-consuming and complicated for internal management, which is why MDUs choose third-party managed WiFi services. All of the necessary tasks that are required to run high-speed, reliable internet are handled by a dedicated service partner.

Specifically, managed WiFi networks offer the following benefits to residents:

Reliable, Secure Connections
Managed WiFi and high-speed internet access offer coverage wherever residents are on the property. They can watch a movie on Netflix while walking the treadmill at the gym and then check their email while heading back to their apartment without ever losing a connection.

Peak Performance
The right managed WiFi provider will design for experience first. That means creating a network that will ensure a consistent experience while handling multiple devices, high demand, and whatever residents need — both now and in the future.

No In-Unit Hardware Required
Managed WiFi means limited cables and no routers in the unit. Residents will have WiFi access as soon as they move in and won’t have to contact a technician to set up their network.

With WiFi designed to scale with your property, the future is yours! Managed WiFi will grow with you as the technology you want to provide evolves and your residents’ needs (and demands) change.

How Properties Benefit from Managed WiFi

It’s undeniable that managed WiFi helps increase tenant satisfaction, which in turn helps properties:

Attract Tenants
Offering trusted, reliable WiFi that’s available from day one is a competitive way to make your property stand out from others. Satisfied tenants will be more likely to share positive reviews of your property, which can help you attract more residents.

Increase Property Values
Property-wide WiFi will prepare you for whatever the future of technology brings. As an asset, it can increase your property value while also enabling you to increase monthly rents.

Boost Revenue
With reliable, high-speed internet in your corner, you can offer residents related services and applications that can be added to their monthly rent. This can include anything from an Amazon Echo to keyless door locks.

Future-Proof Your Network
The internet of things (IoT) is continually expanding the connectivity potential of every-day devices to make life easier in numerous ways. The only thing standing in between an MDU property and the future of IoT is high-speed internet access that is up to the challenge.

By John-Michael Jenkins
Director of Product Management & Marketing, Single Digits

Single Digits is a leading provider of high-speed internet access. We help properties deliver seamless, effortless WiFi networks that their residents expect by designing solutions that break the bounds of uninspired connectivity. Contact us to see how we can help your property.



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