Why Configuration Management + Intelligent Auditing is Necessary

Why is configuration management a necessary component to making sure you have an optimally performing network?

Well, according to market research, close to 78% of outages were caused by people and process issues, and more than 50% of these outages were the side effects of configuration issues. The biggest performance threat to your network could be the people or companies paid to look after them!

Networks have become the lifeblood of most organizations as the integration of technology creates competitive advantages in many industries. As a result, managing and controlling infrastructure resources becomes an ever more important task. At the core of controlling these resources is understanding and managing the configuration of assets. Effective configuration management allows organizations to monitor and protect the deployment of these resources.

Today’s hotel operations are a collection of integrated computing networks involving hundreds of devices. Even the most basic setup, supporting only a few critical applications, requires complexity and sophistication to keep everything performing optimally. Why is that such a key component? Why is managing the overall configuration of your hotel’s network so important?

Enterprise Management Associates has noted that 60% of service impacts are due to configuration problems. Beyond the frustration associated with having to resolve misconfiguration-related occurrences, there are also serious business-related impacts resulting from poor configuration management and policy enforcement.

At the most obvious level, configuration problems can cause system-related outages. Critical systems or services can stop working, or their performance can noticeably degrade, causing productivity problems for staff and interrupting the guest’s Internet experience. On a less obvious level, configuration issues can introduce hard-to-find problems that can severely impact network performance and reliability, which robs the property of the ability to fully utilize their investment.

In many real-world scenarios, equipment upgrades could have been postponed or avoided altogether if the equipment would have been configured to an optimal state, and all equipment types possessed the same foundational system configuration.

Generally speaking, automating a configuration management solution, for a single hardware manufacturer, is a difficult thing to do. Once you add multiple device manufacturers to the equation, the complexity of the final solution becomes a lot more challenging to solve. It takes a rock-solid foundation in equipment design and documentation, as well as a software development team with the ability to implement and scale a useable solution successfully. A tool is only as good as the underpinning information and processes. If you don’t get those right, then your solution will just sit there gathering dust.

While configuration management may not be the easiest or the first function you implement in managing your infrastructure, it can be a very powerful tool in ensuring proper control and configuration enforcement of your networking devices.

Configuration management allows for a better understanding of the resources you have and how they relate to one another. This information allows you to make better-informed decisions on maintaining and managing your environment. The implementation of a configuration management solution is a critical step to take to ensure that your network is as consistent, reliable and secure as it can be.

So how can Single Digits help you strengthen your property?

Quite brilliantly, in fact. Our configuration management with intelligent auditing runs hundreds of predefined checks against every piece of equipment every single night. If a check fails, our system automatically fixes the failure or provides instructions for remediation.

Like your body, an issue in one area of your network is often just a symptom of a bigger problem. Fixing a configuration issue within a single device is only so effective. We take remediation further by adding new configuration parameters to the audit system and applying updates to every device that could be affected.

Consider the operational, performance and security impact of being able to add or remove configuration lines to hundreds or thousands of devices with the simple click of a button:

  • When problems arise, every second count. The middle of an emergency is not the time for figuring out device configurations or hunting for log-in credentials. Proper documentation saves invaluable time.
  • We apply decades of network management experience to ensure that the network is configured with industry-accepted best practices.
  • We make sure your equipment has been configured for reliable remote management, ensuring support and hotel staff can always connect to every piece of managed equipment.
  • We hate to see networks that don’t live up to their full potential. That’s why our performance checks ensure that all managed equipment is performing at the absolute optimum levels.
  • In today’s world, security should be everyone’s top priority. Our configuration management with intelligent auditing can ensure that your network stays safe, secure and compliant.

By Christopher Headings
Vice President, Business Developmemnt, Single Digits

Are you ready to make configuration management a necessary component of your network to ensure sure it is optimally performing? Contact us today.


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