The Open Network Exchange

With this solution, property owners become the Virtual Network Service Provider. This enables them to:

  1. Own the network, but not the headaches. Their IT issues – wireless backhaul, network monitoring, guest support, keeping API’s up to date– vanish. They require fewer resources. Single Digits’ team offloads the technological heavy-lifting away from your IT department, so they no longer have to track dependencies between connectors and application versions. By plugging into the Open Network Exchange, adding a new application into your network is as easy as adding a new app to your iPhone. With only nominal configuration, you can integrate new applications into your networking environment within minutes.

  2. Reduce the cost of the network. Today, much of the hardware (e.g. gateways) in a network can be virtualized to Single Digits’ data centers, saving thousands of dollars per property. In the near future, thanks to SDN’s ability to virtualize the IT infrastructure, only access points will be required onsite. A user can authenticate once, and that person will continue to be logged in no matter where they are on property (or even what network they are on!)
    Technology advances have made CapEx investments in technology too costly, particularly when they are so rapidly outdated. Virtualization lowers the operating expense of a network and increases product efficiency, thus extending the life of the network investment. Properties now simply pay a monthly fee for the IP services and updated hardware. The flexibility of this OpEx model is attractive to property owners.

  3. Add a revenue stream. Today, property owners now generate revenue off of their asset through selling tiered bandwidth, advertising options, guest log-ins through database service providers, 3G/4G offload from carriers’ cellular networks. Tomorrow, as advertising on portals fades away, they’ll make money on users’ clicks on the internet after they’ve authenticated through a database service provider.

  4. Improve guest experience. Portal pages are aligned with the brand, and customized for each user. Their connectivity is easier and more fluid. Their credentials and preferences follow them across properties.

  5. Keeps the handcuffs off. Flexibility is crucial. Over the next few years, the technology will not change dramatically, but the way we use and access it will. Smart property owners realize that getting stuck with one vendor, or one business model, is an unnecessary handcuff. Don’t choose vendor based on a model. Choose a vendor who allows you to run different models based on what’s happening in the marketplace.

These monetization strategies can be easily customized and can scale to any size property.

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