Authentication and Captive Portals


Email, Cell Phone Number, and Social credential based Wi-Fi network logins enable venues and merchants to quickly and easily begin deriving value and monetizing their Wi-Fi network investment.

Requiring an email or cell number for Wi-Fi access is quick and easy, and is viewed as relatively non-intrusive by the user; yet is of high value to the venue.

The BAP platform captures email address and cell phone number registrations in its cloud data store on behalf of the Wi-Fi network owner. These extremely valuable registrations of actual “on-site visitors are then available to be leveraged by the venue or brands marketing team and can easily be feed into the existing digital marketing engine.

Registration data can be fed real-time via triggers or API calls to instant message systems to deliver messages to on-site users – by capturing cell phone numbers, you can proactively instant message to on-site consumers in a way that actually gets the phone out of their pocket – so you don’t have to depend on their opening a browser or an app to get your message.

Customize "User Experience"

By requiring users to provide an email address or mobile phone number to log onto the Wi-Fi networks, venues can build a credible marketing list of known visitors that can then be monetized via outbound email campaigns or through cookie based ad purchases.

Building a profile of visitors with known demographic characteristics leads to enhanced CPM (Cost Per Thousand = the rate advertisers pay for an ad impression) values.

If venues are concerned about users entering false Email and Cell Phone registrations, the BAP O.N.E. API enables registrations to be validated prior to network authentication via 3rd party cloud services.

Ownership and usage of user data is controlled based on the Terms & Conditions accepted by the user in connection with their network access.

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