Broadband Authentication Platform

Software Improvements That Move the Needle
With a history of software that connects companies with their network users through detailed reporting, easy navigation and an ecosystem of application partners, it’s hard to believe the BAP could get better. Your guests will now enjoy seamless roaming between areas and on repeat visits through Connection Automation!

Enhanced Channel Partnership with Nomadix
The strengthened affiliation between Single Digits and Nomadix puts customers in the best position for success due to the combined industry expertise and leading edge technology capabilities. Together, the companies are innovating together to resolve industry challenges.

Turbo-Charged Reporting Engine
Substantial improvements and innovations have been added to the heart of the reporting engine resulting in faster, more customizable, graphic reports.

Portal Manager
Customers and their local marketing teams can now use this new self-service, drag-and-drop portal creation system to create site specific portal experiences for authenticators on their networks.

New User Interface
A streamlined, modern user interface has been developed to enable faster navigation, more intuitive layout and a graphic dashboard. The mobile configuration deploys responsive design allowing for optimal viewing on smartphones and tablets.

Event Manager
This brand new tool allows non-technical, venue staff members to create events in an easy, quick, organized way to best satisfy the needs of an event or conference which was previously time consuming.

Employee Device Manager
The deployment of 802.1x authentication allows network operators to create staff or frequent visitor profiles within the software that translate to the property and give access to a secure VLAN on-site