Smart Mall Solution

Single Digits’ Smart Mall solution is a comprehensive campus network management service. Every Smart Mall network deployed by Single Digits leverages a fiber-optic backbone built onsite that allows for the delivery of advanced voice and data services to your tenants as well as support for any network-connected equipment on property. Having infrastructure onsite managed by Single Digits’ dedicated campus management team reduces install cost and timeframes for tenants within your property while also providing greater service reliability and security.

Single Digits will guide you through each step of the process as we build out your smart mall. We start with a site survey, followed by the design and installation. After that we go through the deployment process: managing projects, cable installation, Wi-Fi configuration and installation, and head end build out.

Now you have you have become the ISP, where do you go from there ? The Single Digits Broadband Authentication Platform (BAP) allows you to control access, optimize your network, integrate loyalty programs and launch a secure consumer web interface. Coupled with the BAP is the ongoing support you will receive from Single Digits. We offer tenant support, 24 X 7 X 365 consumer support, remote equipment diagnostics, equipment replacement, event management and customization.

What may be missing from your current network infrastructure:

What may be missing from your current network infrastructure:

  • Fast Growing BYOD Traffic demand
  • Consumers not be interacted with / advertised to in real time


  • Little to no revenue made through the existing carrier models
  • Need competitive voice and data solution
  • Multi-vendor easement adds cost and complexity

Operations – Need to support applications

  • Back Office
  • Environment
  • Music
  • Digital Signage
  • Security
  • Elevators/ Escalators
  • People Counters

The Smart Mall Solution benefits include:

  • Cap Ex reduced with True Converged Network
  • Wi-Fi Network monetization via authentication portal, upsells, and carrier offload
  • Large footprint across multiple markets
  • Excellent client satisfaction ratio
  • High touch support model for guest and staff
  • Proactive tools exceed guest expectations

What Single Digits Smart Mall Solution can provide:

Consumer Services- monetize your network

  • Carrier 3G/ 4G offload
  • 3rd party advertising
  • Fee-based tiered Wi-Fi access

Tenant Services- Tenant Voice and Data sales

  • Dedicated 1Cloud Brand Inside Sales Staff
  • Coordinated Marketing Literature w/ Lease Administration
  • Tiered Services offerings for Voice and Data
  • 1Cloud Managed tenant turn-up
  • 1Cloud Billing and Service Provider tax settlement

Operation Services- back office applications

  • Mall office, customer service, security office phones
  • Energy Management
  • ATM’s, Elevators, People Counters, CCTV
  • Circuit Installation and Management