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Break the bounds of Uninspired Connectivity™

Wi-Fi that elevates you brings you forward.

Break the bounds of Uninspired Connectivity™

Wi-Fi that elevates you brings you forward.

When is a Wi-Fi network not a Wi-Fi network?

Wi-Fi is over 20 years old. It was mainly hardware driven, providing basic internet, focusing on email, routers in rooms, and connecting A to B. Today we’re more connected than ever and technology has added layers of complexity such as multiple devices, streaming media, video conferencing, IoT opportunities, and follow me access.

Whether at home, in the community, or traveling, high-speed internet access is expected no matter where we are. When we build networks, we focus your needs first, identify the appropriate support and services, and build you a network that can handle whatever the future of technology brings. When you provide your residents and guests with a network that matters, you’re delivering The Connected Life Experience ™.

Let’s talk Wi-Fi

What’s important to you. Anytime, anywhere.

Power. Water. Wi-Fi networks. Standard stuff, right? Yep. You need to have them, and they need to work in an ever-evolving technology-charged world. That’s the driving force behind The Connected Life Experience™ (CLE) – enhancing everyday life with technology, services, entertainment and opportunity – all only available from high-performance Internet. It’s what people count on, wherever life takes them, and Single Digits delivers it.

Let’s talk Wi-Fi

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